Mr.CAD – Drawing & Design Tools

Mr.CAD – Drawing & Design Tools 6.2

It provides the necessary components to make AutoCAD a powerful application
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Mr.CAD – Drawing & Design Tools are the specific tools providing the components that make AutoCAD a powerful application for an easy development: Topographic Plans, Land survey Plans, Lot subdivision Plans, Plot Plan, Leveling Plans, Sanitary sewer, Storm sewer, Architectural Plans, Electrical, and Plumbing.

-Speed. Provide many automatic functions to create drawings faster.
-Easy to use. Includes illustrated instructions that clearly explain the steps to follow when creating your drawings.
-Easy Implementation. New comprehensive installer, which reduces steps and explains in detail the required information.
-Wide range of options. Provides solutions for all stages of the design process. From concept to the creation of construction documents.
-Maintains accurate and consistent drawings.
-The menu is organized for quick access and increased production.
-Layers are controlled automatically.
-All symbols are automatically adjusted, and inserted with greater control and ease.
-Integration with most versions of AutoCad.
-Updates allows access to a steady and progressive development.

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